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Warmer Medicine Ensures More Dignified Life A Summary of Competition Finals of Cases and Models of Beijing Medical Social Work Service

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December 12, the Beijing Competition on Cases and Models of Medical
Social Work Service was held with great enthusiasm. The competition
was sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission and hosted
by the Professional Committee on Medical Social Work of the Beijing
Hospital Association. A total of 20 medical institutions from the
health system of Beijing have entered the final list.

participating units displayed rich content, covering a wide range of
fields, involving multiple patient groups such as cancer patients,
disabled patients, emergency patients, and chronic disease patients.
They were embedded in multiple processes of “before, during and
after” medical care, and took care of multiple psychological and
social aspects of patients. It fully demonstrated the bridges that
medical social workers built between doctors and patients, and
highlighted the humanistic care and professional depth of medical
social work.

medical social work service cases of the 20 hospitals selected this
time were divided into 10 model exploration cases and 10 service
cases. The competition was divided into two parts, namely the
centralized display and on-site random question answering. After
fierce competition, 2 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 10 third
prizes were selected. The audience voted to select the 5 outstanding
poster award units and 1 most popular unit.

Xiaomin, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the
Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Xing Guili, Director and
first-level researcher of the Social Work Team Construction Division
(Volunteer and Social Mobilization Division) of the Civil Affairs
Bureau of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal
Committee, Zhou Bing, Vice President of the China Association of
Social Workers, Gao Xiaojun, President of Beijing Health Management
Association, Wang Zengjuan, Secretary-general of Beijing Han Hong
Love Charity Foundation, Shi Bainian, Director and professor of the
Graduate Department of China Youth University of Political Science,
Wang Kexia, Chairman of the Medical Social Work Professional
Committee of Beijing Hospital Association, Lin Xia, professor of the
Department of Public Administration of Beijing City University, and
other leaders and expert judges attended the event.


the warmth of medicine to patients

by cheerful music, the medical social worker team of Peking
University Stomatology Hospital showed the audience the recovery
process of Yu, a 5-year-old child with third-degree cleft lip and

I am Yao, a medical social worker at the hospital. Please let me know
if you need any help.” On the first day Yu was admitted to the
hospital, Yao, a medical social worker, came to the mother and child
in time to help them familiarize themselves with the admission and
treatment procedures, and guided Yu’s mother filled out a
questionnaire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the child’s
and parents’ psychological status, family care situation, social
support system, etc., to formulate an assistance plan for Yu’s mother
and child. Yu and her mother were no longer afraid and nervous, and
the operation went smoothly.

to reports, Peking University Stomatological Hospital treats more
than 1,500 patients with cleft lip and palate every year. Through an
inter-professional team composed of the Youth League committees of
the Municipal Party Committee Office and Municipal Government Office,
medical social workers, and clinical nurses, it focuses on the
psychological status and social needs of children and parents, and
explored the social work model of treatment for families with
children with cleft lip and palate.

Mingqi, a medical social worker at Beijing Tongren Hospital
affiliated to Capital Medical University, used a combination form of
sand painting and sitcom to impress the audience. “Let children
face disease and treatment bravely and actively” is the goal and
motivation of Zhu Mingqi’s work.

an 8-year-old child with cancer, is always depressed and watches
cartoons on his mobile phone alone. Zhu Mingqi successfully diverted
Lele’s attention through the cartoon character mini-game and asked
Lele to make handicrafts for himself. After several activities and
guidance, Lele became more and more interested in socializing with
children of the same age. He also took the initiative to chat and
interact with doctors and mothers, and the treatment effect was
greatly improved.

Mingqi introduced,”the stress-reducing painting, picture book
performance, self-sharing and other activities can help children
build a peer support network, allowing them to grow together in an
atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. So far, the peer
interaction support group has be held successfully for 78 sessions,
with 256 direct participants.”

death is unavoidable, how do you say goodbye to the world? The
medical social work team of Peking University Shougang Hospital told
us the story of Uncle Wang’s Dignity Therapy.

Wang is a patient with terminal pancreatic cancer. On the one hand,
he is reluctant to leave his relatives, and on the other hand, he is
suffering from the torture of dying. Uncle Wang was in great pain.

Wang, from now on I will accompany you to sort out your life
experiences, listen to your insights on life, and then write these
stories and feelings into a book and give it to you. Is it okay?”
asked social worker Yan.

So my granddaughter will never forget me as her grandfather.”
Uncle Wang accepted the dignity therapy and recalled the highlight
moments of his life from different dimensions.

after, Uncle Wang’s “Dignity Document” was completed. He
was very happy and felt that his life was very meaningful. The
“Dignity Document” was also unanimously recognized by the
family members.

in diagnosis and treatment process

medical social workers provide comprehensive services to patients

2020, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission has carried out
diversified training of medical social workers for three consecutive
years, promoted resident projects of medical social workers for two
consecutive years, and explored a number of medical social work
service models.

the competition site, a representative of Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung
Memorial Hospital told the story of the “four-dimensional
multi-directional” medical social work service model for organ
transplantation based on the story of a child with congenital
hypercholesterolemia. “Organ transplantation is difficult to
treat, with a long treatment cycle. The patients and their families
always encounter many difficulties, so they are the key service
target of medical social workers.” said Zhang, a medical social

told medical social worker Zhang, “Over the years, my family has
spent all their savings to treat me. I know that this surgery will
cost a lot of money, and my parents will have to borrow money again.”

okay, Yu. Let’s find a solution together.” The medical social
worker used a scale to evaluate the financial situation of the
service recipients. The medical team helped the mother and daughter
apply for the special support fund of the hospital for children’s
liver transplantation to provide certain financial and emotional
support for Yu’s postoperative recovery.

to reports, the medical social worker specializing in organ
transplantation at Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital can provide
patients with professional services covering four dimensions
(pre-disease intervention, disease treatment, rehabilitation
expansion, and humanistic care) and many recipients (transplant
recipients and families, medical teams, and the public) .

of the condition does not mean true recovery. The representative from
Fengtai District Rehabilitation Hospital in Beijing introduced the
“1+1+1” service model of “full-cycle management +
multidisciplinary joint intervention + personalized services”
based on the story of stroke patient Qi.

the recovery process, Qi’s mood was extremely unstable. In order to
mobilize Qi’s enthusiasm for recovery, the medical social worker held
a patient meeting during the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the birthday
party on the National Day, Qi not only came, but also sang a song
called “Sparrow”. After that, Qi said: “Even if it is
a little sparrow, there will be a bright future. Let’s not give up.
We will definitely recover!” With the joint efforts of the
rehabilitation team and its medical social workers, “Qi could
take care of himself basically recovered.”

the “1+1+1” service model of Beijing Fengtai Rehabilitation
Hospital, “the medical social workers overcame obstacles in the
recovery process, stimulated the motivation of recovering patients,
and created the miracle of life.”

Peking University Third Hospital, the exploration of the service
model for emergency medical social work has enabled the medical
social work service form to be visualized, the service process
standardized, and the service content specialized, thereby improving
the standardization, operability, and replicability of emergency
medical social work services.

are a faster diagnosis and treatment pace, more critically ill
patients, and tighter medical resources at the emergency department.
Faced with various problems and needs of patients, the medical social
workers, with the guidance of the supply and demand matching model,
made a list of the services they can provide, into a patient version
and a clinical version, allowing both doctors and nurses to choose
their own service through a clear list.

Ningbo, a medical social worker at Yujiawu Community Health Service
Center in Tongzhou District, told us a beautiful “misunderstanding”
in the form of a talk show. It was this “misunderstanding”
that made her become a “caring person” for many patients
with chronic diseases.

few years ago, the concept of family doctor had just become popular.
Uncle Wang, who suffered from severe hypertension, mistakenly thought
that signing a contract with a family doctor meant that that the
doctor would go to his home for consultation. The doctor hadn’t
explained it clearly to Uncle Wang yet, and the long lecture made the
patients queuing outside very anxious.

Ningbo understood the cause and effect, and immediately took Uncle
Wang out of the clinic, patiently explained to him what a family
doctor contract was, and led him to conduct a detailed physical
assessment. “I recommend you choose the third medical team. The
doctors in the team are all experts in hypertension and are more
suitable for your health condition.”

then, Wu Ningbo has started working as a member of family doctor
team. Medical social workers have their own professional methods, to
gradually open up the patients’ hearts. They use non-drug treatment
methods to relieve their emotions, and then manage chronic diseases
more actively.

Community Health Service Center has set up a special joint care
clinic for diabetes. A care team composed of traditional Chinese
medicine practitioners, general practitioners, caregivers, and social
workers provides closed-loop management of the entire chronic disease
intervention process. Medical social workers hold meetings for a
group of diabetic patients with poor compliance, organizing
activities such as ice-breaking games, complaints conferences, and
knowledge popularization.

with diabetes spoke freely, expressing their views on disease
management and their unhappy experiences during medical treatment.
The social workers collected their opinions and gave them to the
doctors so that they could carry out targeted treatment.

recent years, with the advancement of hierarchical diagnosis and
treatment, hospice care work has gradually extended from tertiary
hospitals to communities and families. In Puhuangyu Community Health
Service Center, medical social workers are an important member of the
MDT multidisciplinary hospice team, which deeply explores the
comprehensive service model of “home-outpatient-inpatient”
hospice care at the community level and forms a set of service

the event, the community medical social workers demonstrated the
important role they have played in the hospice care. They link more
social resources and family resources, allowing patients to return to
their daily life environment and social relationships. According to
reports, in the past three years, Puhuangyu Community Health Service
Center has provided home hospice care services to 171 people,
provided hospice care outpatient services to 2,100 people, and
hospitalized 172 people.

to promote the high-quality development of medical social work

Xiaomin, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission,
said that as one of the earliest areas to carry out medical social
work, Beijing has achieved initial results in recent years. The
development system has been gradually built, the development
mechanism has become increasingly complete, a talent echelon has been
initially formed, and social awareness degree continues to increase.
As of now, there are 101 medical and health institutions with 306
workers carrying out medical social work in Beijing.

the next step, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission will work
together with all sectors of society to jointly promote the
high-quality development of medical social work. First, government
departments jointly promote and provide a strong institutional and
policy environment for the development of medical social work. The
second is the integrated development of medical institutions. It is
necessary to integrate medical social work into various tasks such as
improving medical services, building humanities departments,
hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, contracting family doctors,
chronic disease management, and integrating medical and nursing care.
Third, all sectors of society must work together. Medical social work
requires extensive participation from all sectors of society. The
development of medical social workers provides talent guarantee,
professional support and public welfare force. Fourth, the publicity
atmosphere is continuously created to enhance the understanding of
medical social workers by medical staff and the public.


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