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Education & Training Facilities

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As health care continues to evolve, the various modes of training health care professionals are ever-changing as well. Clinical simulation allows learners to experience realistic healthcare settings utilizing patient manikins and advanced technology in a safe environment. By seeing and experiencing real-time outcomes, learners gain powerful insight while learning specific techniques and procedures.

Our training facilities provide for a variety of hands-on, knowledge in action opportunities which supplement more traditional learning mechanisms including lectures, apprenticeships and practice-based learning.

medical students working with a mannequin patient

Simulation Training Center

The Simulation Training Center (STC) supports professional development and patient safety by providing opportunities for the learning and practice of procedural skills with the use of high-fidelity patient simulators (manikins), and partial task trainers. 

About STC

Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) is the home of the Standardized Patient Program. Standardized patients are individuals trained to authentically portray medical patients for the purpose of clinical skills practice and assessment.

About PDC

faculty members watching patient simulation exam room monitors

panoramic photo operating room

Center for the Future of Surgery

At the Center for the Future of Surgery (CFS), surgeons and scientists are advancing surgical techniques by investigating, developing, testing and teaching procedures that will revolutionize the field of surgery. 

About CFS

Student-Run Free Clinic

We provide respectful, empowering, high quality health care for the underserved while inspiring the next generation of health professionals.

About the Clinic

medical students in white lab coats facing camera

medical students sitting at tables looking in microsopes

Medical Teaching Laboratories

The Medical Teaching Laboratories (MTL) provide multi-functional laboratory spaces to support core course curriculum.

About MTL

Anatomy Lab

The Anatomy Lab provides medical students with hand-on traning  lessons in anatomy, organ physiology, and basic neurology.

Learn More About the Anatomy Lab

Photo Jacobs Medical Center building outside

Clinical Training Sites

UC San Diego School of Medicine students have access to train in a variety of clinical sites throughout San Diego.

Learn more about Clinical Sites


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