June 21, 2024

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Dubai emerges as a premier hub for medical education with advanced training programmes at Quttainah Specialized Hospital – News

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Published: Tue 4 Jun 2024, 2:16 PM

The first training course on Teorhinoplasty for rhinoplasty procedures, organised by Quttainah Specialized Hospital in Dubai, begins today. The course includes a workshop on cosmetic nasal surgeries using cadavers at the Education and Training Center of the Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai Science Park.

This is the first training course in the Middle East on rhinoplasty surgery using the Teorhinoplasty technique, providing surgeons with practical training and education on the techniques and steps involved in performing rhinoplasty with this method, in the presence of the inventor of this distinguished technique.

Dr Dogan stated, “We have several objectives for this course. First, an Anatomy Review, where we will conduct a detailed review and understanding of nasal anatomy through cadaver dissection. Second, we will delve into the Philosophy Behind Teorhinoplasty, providing insight into the principles and philosophy of the technique. Third, we’ll cover surgical techniques, demonstrating and practicing all 20 steps used in Teorhinoplasty. Lastly, we’ll focus on Nasal Aesthetics, understanding the principles of nasal aesthetics to achieve desirable outcomes.”

He also emphasised, “Patient Safety is paramount, and we’ll place a strong emphasis on patient safety protocols, ethical considerations, and preoperative evaluation to minimise risks.”

The Quttainah Clinical Training Center, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technologies in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, and aesthetic gynecology, will host these advanced training sessions. Participants will benefit from both hands-on and theoretical training led by world-class faculty, reinforcing Dubai’s status as a premier destination for medical education.

“We are dedicated to advancing the field of aesthetic medicine by providing unparalleled training opportunities for healthcare professionals,” said Dr Adel Quttainah, founder and chairman of Quttainah Specialized Hospital. “Our goal is to equip them with the expertise and confidence needed to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.”

Dr Quttainah said he was proud to welcome fellow surgeons from all around the globe and to join efforts in elevating expertise in aesthetic medicine through exchange of knowledge and experience.

Dr Jamal Juma, president of AASMA, said that it is the first time this course is introduced to the Middle East in present with the inventor of Teorhinoplasty and that it is endorsed by both the EPSS and the AASMA

Introducing Teorhinoplasty

Highlighting Dubai’s commitment to cutting-edge medical advancements, Quttainah Specialized Hospital introduces Teorhinoplasty, a minimalist approach to primary rhinoplasty developed by innovative surgeon Dr Teoman Dogan. This technique emphasises precision and preservation to achieve optimal results.

“The Teorhinoplasty technique represents a significant advancement in rhinoplasty, focusing on preserving nasal structures while achieving precise aesthetic outcomes,” said Dr Dogan. “This approach minimises trauma and promotes faster recovery times for patients.”

Dr Dogan said he was glad to be in Dubai and to demonstrate his technique to the experts in the Middle East.


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